Pursuit of HappIness

I’m back!  And I’m in the Pursuit of happIness! “I”. Me. Yes me; and you, yourself. No, it’s not bad- unless it hurts others. Think about what really makes you happy.  Find out; It’s important you are happy first, so you can help others and share in knowing true happiness. – take a listen. *Had some network issues and lost connection so there are…

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Bullies: Pt 2

more info and chatting about those “bad guys”.   Music Intro- Andi Rose Deadmau5- Raise Your Weapon RADIOHEAD- Karma Police Linkin Park- VICTIMIZED PSY- GANGNAM STYLE M_V Tweet Follow me

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Bullies: Pt1

Oct 3. 2013 Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf! I’m NOT! Bullies are nothing but scared people! Don’t let the weak take you down! Tweet Follow me

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NOT literally!! Pounce is the hottness you heard here first! Well, maybe not all of you, but for those who haven’t had the awesome privilege of checking out this HOT up and coming producer/DJ from Cali, Joseph Francis, you have now!! He’s dropping another track on Beatport soon and you DON’T want to miss what this talented guy has comin up next!…

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I.C. Insanity= Tonight!

I’m so excited for tonights event! All the DJs we have booked are amazing and the music is going to be off the hook! Can’t wait to deck the halls and all that fun stuff either! If you weren’t in the holiday mood before, I’m pretty sure you will be a little more so after tonight! ;p My friends and…

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