Team USA Gossip

Despite his heartbreaking start and loss, I still adore this ginger! <3 His team mate has made it to the podium though!! GOOO Matt Antoine! We’ll gladly take a bronze! Have you watched any of the the Olympics this year? Do you ever pay much attention? I really only ever watch gymnastics in the summer and figure skating and luge…

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Togetherness= Net West Viral Video

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Gov. Shut Down 2013

The san has hit the fhit. Yup. You read that right. All hell’s broke lose! Maybe. It’s been 17 years since the last shut down when Clinton was in office. What happened to cause this catastrophe? According to, “The Democratic-controlled Senate rejected a request by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for a special conference committee to resolve differences on…

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Thank You

Don’t forget the real reason we have today off. Yes it’s to have a good time and be with family and friends, but it’s to commemorate the lost lives of those who keep us free. Thanks to all my Marine, Navy and Army friends [and those I don’t know too of course]. You all mean the world to me and…

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Moore, OK Disaster

Our prayers are with everyone affected by the massive EF5 tornado that tore through Moore, Tues 5/20.  Important links if you’d like to help or are looking for help: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez “The people of Moore should know that their country will remain on the ground, there for them, beside them, as long as it takes,”…

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