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Fast Easy Fooding!

Don’t have much money? Too lazy to go out? Well, here’s a ridiculously simple and non-time consuming, 2-3 servings of awesomeness! All you need is 4 [ish] ingredients, a microwaveable container and, a microwave. -1 Can of cream of mushroom soup -1/2-1 can of milk: if you only use half a can, use half a can of water. If you use a whole…

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Glowing Bodies/Auras

I’ve always been fascinated by other worlds, spirits, and special abilities to see things others may not understand. I’ve experienced hauntings and strange noises. I can even see; as far as I know from research and conversations with knowledgeable folks, people’s’ auras. It started way back in elementary school so needless to say, I didn’t know back then what the colors meant…

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Big Trouble!

Having a moment.. this is why… ~thanks Facebook~ Here’s the link to what began this now obsessive lust for knowledge on the other suns!! And I was just going to go to bed too! >.< Enjoy! Tweet Follow me

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Read. It will be Ok.

I don’t know why reading is a “nerdy” thing to do but it always has been and I guess until people understand the true value, it always will be. I worked in a library and learned about how significant reading is, not only to someones mind but also to their lives.  Not just figuratively speaking, but in actuality. Reading is…

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Love My Thi-Food

While on a walk this summer I stumbled across this amazing little nook! The food was OUTRAGEOUS! The food, devine! Cute garden with peppers and herbs growing up the path next to a large patio i wish had had space!  The price for a mouthwatering appetizer and 2 dishes with rice was also fabulous! I can’t wait to go back! I’m…

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