Who are we crushing on?! Who’s delicious??

Ronda Rousey

“I’m Jacked As Hell Because I’m Not a ‘Do Nothing Bitch.” “Listen,  just because my body was developed for a purpose other than fucking millionaires doesn’t mean it’s masculine.” Just because a female has muscles and doesn’t have big T&A doesn’t make her any less femanine! Look at the sporty females like myself! As my sister said- body shaming brings…

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Robert Pattinson <3

The ALS Bucket Challenge is SO out of control even celebrities without media pages are in on the “fun”. This is the only one I’ve watched.  He’s too cute. Tweet Follow me

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Dip Low?

You should KNOW it’s more like DIPLO! AKA sexi, self proclaimed random, white boy. He looks like a mix of two guys I dated! I’d take the one him all day! 😉 DELICIOUS.. despite his tendencies toward misogyny and the fact he can get chicks to do stupid sh*t that get them fired…. he’s eye candy and eye candy is something…

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Hottie VS Hottie: 1

Who would YOU rather?! The gloves are off as these two heart throbs duke it out on our first head to head match!! For me it’s a no brainier! I’ve always been a bigger fan of the down to earth, good Southern boy Aidan over cheating, lying “Big”. He can’t commit after years then goes and marries a girl he…

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Happy Birthday BS!

In honor of his lucky 33, I’m posting this awesome song by my friend Dustyn, better known as Bent Self, performed in AZ. Man. AZ…. I miss that place something awful some days! The sun! The desert! The hot guys on Mill! 😉 Tweet Follow me

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