Gone Traveling!

And all sorts of stuff this summer! I haven’t even really had a chance to just chill by the pool! I plan on getting into it all, I just reset my password for here after not being able to find the emails… So I’ll be back with the deets in an edit!! So much has happened! ❤ EDIT Part 1:… Read more →


We have sponsorship coming from an expected place- my friends at Weichert Realtors will now display their banner on the site!! ^.^  Not only are they amazing women, and friends but they are also outstanding agents and stagers! I get a lot of inspiration from them.

Here’s their info, you’ll be happy you spoke to them! <3

Pursuit of HappIness

I’m back!  And I’m in the Pursuit of happIness! “I”. Me. Yes me; and you, yourself. No, it’s not bad- unless it hurts others. Think about what really makes you happy.  Find out; It’s important you are happy first, so you can help others and share in knowing true happiness. – take a listen. *Had some network issues and lost connection so there are… Read more →

DMC World Championships 2015

Starting the week off with what seemed like hellacious allergies, I pushed on with all of my planning, meetings and homework as well as hosting o.o.t friends. I had emailed a few companies but I was beginning to lose a little bit of hope about getting any hours done this summer. Upon checking into “the book” one morning, I saw… Read more →

Fast Easy Fooding!

Don’t have much money? Too lazy to go out? Well, here’s a ridiculously simple and non-time consuming, 2-3 servings of awesomeness! All you need is 4 [ish] ingredients, a microwaveable container and, a microwave. -1 Can of cream of mushroom soup -1/2-1 can of milk: if you only use half a can, use half a can of water. If you use a whole… Read more →