Andi Rose

Andi’s broadcasting passion began Senior year of HS, where she fell in love with Television Production. She learned how to direct a television studio staff, camera, graphics and sound board maintenance/engineering,  video/graphic editing, script writing, hosting a show and acting. Her final project was filming a concert, conducting an interview, with NOVA’s local band Sev. After graduating she moved to Arizona, where she focused her studies on Communications and Graphic Arts, receiving high scores and an even greater thirst to learn more about media.

Her passion for media was reignited in 2002 when she met her long time friend, online radio DJ, Gus. He gave her a segment on his show “The Drunk Idiots” and for several episodes she updated listeners on Hollywood gossip and other Headline/Gossip News. Due to familial obligations though, she had to return to Virginia in 2006 and for a while didn’t think of media production.

After a few months hiatus she was back to doing what she loves most. She began filming several local and even some well known bands concerts and creating [concert] videos for them. In between those projects and now, she has supported many DC/MD/VA event companies, DJs, bands and causes by filming events, dancing and promotions.

YupIn 2011 after many false starts, she began preparing to host her own radio show and as she says “kismet-ly” read a public post requesting a co-host for a local EDM music station. Andi immediately jumped at the chance to meet the producer who she knew she could ask questions and for advice. With the help of local DJ/Producer, Shaun Cox Webb, she quickly gained knowledge on how to produce a studio radio show and how to work the studio/equipment [she thanks her TV studio knowledge]. While training with him and co-hosting several of his shows, she began ADHD Talk Radio on

Although  self taught in more difficult aspects of each medium, she credits her passion to those who have helped her learn the ropes along the way, for which she’s ever grateful for. Andi’s thirst for knowledge of the world and media keeps her on her toes and keeps her show topics fresh and informative.

Favorite Quotes: 
ღ Tiny, shiny things! ღPLS: Peace Love Shopping ღ You have everything you need, if you just believe. ღ
“Enjoy your visit & Try to keep up!”