DMC World Championships 2015

Starting the week off with what seemed like hellacious allergies, I pushed on with all of my planning, meetings and homework as well as hosting o.o.t friends. I had emailed a few companies but I was beginning to lose a little bit of hope about getting any hours done this summer.

Upon checking into “the book” one morning, I saw that the DMC event page had replied to my post about working as a volunteer for their annual turntablist event in New York!

If you don’t know what turntablists do, check out these videos; remember I also got to interview DJ Raggz (link episode) who is a VA  turntablist a couple years ago!

I eagerly sent them my resume and plans were made for me to meet up with Christy and Maryland to help them set up and tear down that event! Needless to say I was, and have been, floating in heaven since. To me scratching is like a piece of art work. To learn how to manipulate the records to not only create beats but also create musical pieces that blow your ears away! Such an amazing skill!

To not only be able to work an event so prestigious but to also witness something I love after 15 years of little exposure; it was phenomenal!!!